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Eugenia Dermentzis, Mezzo-Soprano


F E A T U R E D   R E V I E W S

Dermentzis is a mezzo-soprano to watch. Clear of voice with a hearty sound in development.”

Opera Canada

“Eugenia Dermentzis got Madame Defarge to a T, her voice and manner memorably embodying her implacable antipathy to the upper classes...”

National Capital Opera Society


“Mezzo-soprano Eugenia Dermentzis is a scene-stealer as Aurelia, her face is an exaggerated picture of uppity bewildered, and scheming; even with her polished mezzo, her presence onstage is something delightfully out of a Pixar film.”



“Mezzo Eugenia Dermentzis brought us an elegant and conflicted Queen in Fête. Her rich tone and stately manner were a match made in heaven, but it was her shedding of all this and becoming just another woman in live that was the real delight.”




“Dermentzis’ darker toned mezzo contrasts nicely with the brighter toned younger characters.”


E V E N T S​


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